Go For Learning

Go For Learning is a unique approach to change and learning that I’ve proudly adopted from my father, Jaap Germans Sr, who created the concept.

Go For Learning focuses on the socio-psychological aspects of a company’s change process and how it may affect an individual and/or a team.

Reluctance to embrace change is one of the most common issues holding back success and, therefore, it is fundamentally important to address this from the outset. Naturally, this involves people. People are at the heart of everything we do, but with people comes human apprehension when faced with the prospect of adopting a new idea, business strategy, or piece of technology. It takes time and careful planning to make that collective cultural shift towards something new.

Go For Learning offers a clear-cut method that forges a togetherness so that all stakeholders develop together at the same rate: adopt the same strategies, embrace the same changes, and learn together.

In general, Go For Learning is based on:

  • Tell me and I’ll forget
  • Teach me and I’ll remember
  • Involve me and I’ll learn
  • Teach me how to be involved and I’ll develop.

Please get in touch with me to find out more about my unique Go For Learning approach.

Jaap Germans Junior

Jaap Germans Senior