After more than 20 years of working in senior roles for different companies, including Nobel, Harley-Davidson and Pink Elephant, I am highly skilled information technology professional with expertise in the fields of business processes, operations management, coaching, IT service management, project management and improvements. During this time, I developed a highly successful Go For Learning approach to managing change and ensuring service improvements within an enterprise. I have now set up my own consultation and training business to offer my unique approach to a wider clientele.

I’m passionate about consulting and training individuals to optimise the success of the company they work for. But from a young age I learnt that it takes time and careful planning to make a collective cultural shift towards something new and improved.

When I was a young teenager, I worked on the production line at a charcoal factory. After my first working week I went to the director to tell him the process could really be faster, easier and more efficient. He laughed and taught me an important lesson:

“In work situations you have to deal with people from different backgrounds, levels and ambitions. A process can often be different or better, but you will only achieve that if the people who do the work want to change.

“Employees who arrive somewhere new or work somewhere for a short time are able to adapt more quickly to changes. For employees who have been working there for a longer time, the path to the same change is different, and yes, sometimes longer.”

Only later did I realise how valuable this first lesson was.

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My father: Jaap Germans sr.

Jaap Germans jr.

My son: Willem Germans